About Us

Trudy Crook – Director
email: trudy@oceanart.co.uk

Trudy Crook lives in Southampton and is the founder of Ocean Art. Established in 1997, local sailmakers backed her belief that a sail branding business would be well received. In 2003 Trudy was awarded T-Mobile’s Top Ten Business Women of the Year in the UK. Trudy’s dedication to her clients is unsurpassed resulting in the repeat custom we receive as a company.



Gerald ‘Gere’ Scott – General Manager
email: gere@oceanart.co.uk

Gere changed careers in 2004 having been a financial adviser for many years. After returning from a year-long sabbatical to North America, he decided to change careers from finance to Art and Design and has now been appointed General Manager and delivers on time and to the high standards our customers have come to expect.



Ali Rose – Branding Technician
email: ali@oceanart.co.uk

In 2007 Ali Rose joined our growing team as Branding Technician making sure our clients’ sails and other branded items come to reality.

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